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Nepali Celebrity Gossip – Interview With Dj Tantrik

DJ Tantrik: Probably one of the best DJ in town, he is an artistic soul heavily inclined towards music and has a passion for it. He creates music with passion and a touch of Tantrik-magic.

TH: So how did it all begin?
DJT: With 5 years of experience as a music producer and a passion for music, I decided to be a DJ. I have been devoting my time as a DJ for past 3 years now.

TH: Where did the name come from?
DJT: Music is Tantra! To be able to cast a spell with music for me is tantrism.

TH: What gave you that initial push?
DJT: I come from a family inclined towards art; I must say art is in my blood. It’s my passion! I believe that with my own talent I have made it so far.

TH: Genre you prefer?
DJT: Electro- commercial, Psychedelic Trance etc. Regarding my own production I prefer Ethno- techno, a fusion of ethnical eastern instruments and western electro.

TH: Who’s throwing the best parties at the moment?
DJT:. A good party is a combination of audience, music and environment and party Nepal has intellectually been providing good music and environment thus it has been able to attract quality audience to its parties, I would say it’s probably party Nepal who is throwing the best party at the moment.

TH: Which other countries have you played/put parties on?
DJT: Recently I played at Bhutan for the Bhutanese King with the theme of ‘Coronation Vibe’. I have also played in Sri-Lanka and India.

TH: What was the first event you ever played at/put on?
DJT: It was at a Trance party in Pokhara, themed ‘Free Trance society’. With a blend of a good audience it turned out to be a milestone for me!

TH: What’s the best event you’ve played at/put on?
DJT: All the parties I have done are special in their own way. And choosing a particular one is really a tough task. Since I have to choose one amongst my special one, the very special one would be a Beach party in Sri-Lanka and that’s because of its awesome location, good production house and appreciating audience.

TH: What was your first record you bought?
DJT: I think it was a cassette of Guns N Roses.

TH: When you play is it a pre planned set?
DJT: I tend to go with the flow, only sometimes for big events I pre-plan.

TH: So in your eyes at the moment, how is the Djing scene?
DJT: Music is about being different, unique and mesmerizing and as far as I can see DJS in Nepal tend to stick with the traditional genre of music so there is no variety. They do not dare to be different!

TH: Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?
DJT: Once at a party when I was performing, a guest came to me and offered rs.500 to play a different song; on the contrary I offered him Rs. 1000 to leave the party!

TH: What do you do outside of the music scene?
DJT: Whiskey tasting (on a funny note).

TH: When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?
DJT: I usually go for a drive; also I stop at Bir hospital for some tea or at Patan for some jerry-swarry.

TH: You are one of the guest judges of the reality show “War of DJ’s 2010”, what have you to say about this show?
DJT: I am impressed but I have some doubts about its effectiveness. Would the viewers understand the technical aspects? But all in all it will encourage people who aspire to be DJs.

TH: Your opinion about the overall judgment taking place in the reality show- War of DJ’s 2010?
DJT: All in all it is good but there is still room for improvement.

TH: What have you to say about the participants of this reality show?
DJT: Some were great. I liked their techniques, I was impressed. Overall I personally think that there is talent over here.

TH: Do you think the number of girl participants should increase?
DJT: Yes! It is them who have to dare to take an initial step and mark their identity in the competitive industry and simply make it bigger and better.

TH: What kind of changes do you think is required to improve Nepali music industry/scene?
DJT: People should have a habit of learning. Ego is bad! The quality of sound matters rather than the quantity. Crave to learn more and implement what you have learned. Focus on perfection.

TH: Any advice to the participants?
DJT: All the best to the participants. For those who didn’t make it, please don’t lose hope, you still have a long way to go if you want to reach on top.

Text: Sagun Raj Lama
Bidisha Shakya News credit timrohamro.com
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