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New Nepali Movie Hostel Trailer Official Video, Poster

New Nepali Movie Hostel Trailer Official  Poster

Hostel Nepali Movie Poster

Hostel Nepali Movie Poster

Durgish Films Presents
Director : Hem Raj B.C
Producer : Sunil Rawal
Casts : Anmol K.C, Gaurav Pahari, Salon Basnet, Sunil Rawal, Prakriti Shrestha, Sinchan Thapa, Rista Basnet Sishir Bhandari, Raju Lama, Sugat Rimal and others
Camera : Hari Humagai
Music : Swapnil Sharma(the shadows nepal), Bibash Poudel
Action : Asta Maharjan
Color : Sandeep Shrestha
Custom Stylish : Durgish Thapa

About: After their successful Saayad movie, Durgish Films are coming up with another movie called Hostel. Releasing the trailer on youtube and in theatres of Nepal today, Hostel Nepali Movie team have announced their scheduled release to be on 7th of June this year. Watch the trailer released in theatres of Nepal today.

Prakriti Shrestha : Many of you may have seen her in the viral-hit Honey Bunny video. Apart from casually appearing in music videos, Prakriti has previously participated in Image Mega Model Season 2, taken part in various fashions shows in the city and appeared in several magazines. Please do like the official fanpage of this movie and help Nepali Cinema to grow bigger.

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Nepali Movie Hostel Trailer Official Trailer Video


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